Our Region – From Cosy to Racy

Metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar

Feeling Adventurous? How about taking an excursion to Heidelberg for a stroll along the romantic streets of the historic city centre, or a visit to the Castle? In Speyer, there's the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kaiserdom, the Imperial Cathedral. If you're a technology fan, you'll want to visit the automobile and technology museums in Sinsheim and Speyer. The famous Schlossgarten [Castle Gardens] in Schwetzingen is perfect for a pleasant walk. Experience speed and excitement at the Hockenheimring race track, well-known for its Formula 1 and DTM races, but also as an event centre.

You can discover the region both close by and somewhat further away on well-paved cycling paths.

St. Leon-Rot itself is renowned in the golfing scene. There are two championship grounds with different characteristics as well as a 9-hole short course and a Bambini court for kids. Even if you're not an active golfer, you will find a walk across the ample premises worth your while.

In terms of culinary experience, we have a lot to offer as well. Our recreational facility is located in one of the largest asparagus-growing areas in Germany. Matching this, the grapes in this part of the region of Baden are basking in the pleasant sunshine, which makes our wines a particular treat.

Excursion destinations

  • In-door swimming pool “Badespass”,
    St. Leon-Rot: 4 km
  • Golf court, St. Leon-Rot: 10 km
  • Outdoor kart track, Walldorf: 6 km
  • Hockenheimring, Hockenheim: 8 km
  • Luxor Filmpalast movie theatre,
    Walldorf: 11 km
  • Technology museum, cathedral, ropes course, Speyer: 15 km
  • Castle gardens, Schwetzingen: 16 km
  • Castle, Heidelberg: 24 km
  • Auto & Technik Museum, Sinsheim: 32 km
  • Holiday Park, Haßloch: 29 km
  • Technoseum, Mannheim: 29 km
  • City gardens and Zoo, Karlsruhe: 44 km
  • Tripsdrill Theme Park: 65 km